Meet Our Staff


Mike Brewer - President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ronnie Golden - Executive Vice President/Loan Officer (MLO# 785817)

Verna Sue Butler - Vice President/Privacy Officer/Assistant Secretary to Corporation/Security Officer

Michael Melton - Vice President/Cashier/BSA/OFAC Officer/CRA Officer/Secretary to Corporation

Shane Spillman - Sr. Vice President/COO/Loan Officer (MLO# 785819)

Brad Ramsey - Vice President/Loan Officer (MLO# 960041)

Charlie Ward - Loan Officer (MLO #1236209)

Crystal Upton - Loan Officer (MLO# 1301518)

Shyla Perkins - Assistant BSA Officer/Assistant Cashier


Jonni Rae Melton - Branch Supervisor

Courtney Awtry - Appraisals

Joseph Terrell - Customer Service/ New Accounts

Devan Searles - Customer Service/ New Accounts

Kori Smith - Customer Service/ New Accounts

Ernest McCarty - Data Processing

Kacey Thomas - Data Processing

Amanda Corgill - Loan Assistant

Conley Evans - Loan Assistant

Marsha Wisener - Loan Assistant

Dina Bell - Teller

Ashley Davey - Teller

Elisha Dipaolo - Teller

Mika Edwards - Teller

Dusty Hicks - Teller

Toma Payne - Teller

Tami Scholl - Teller

Kady Speer - Teller

Vickie Hendrix - Credit Department

Renae Loftin - Operations Supervisor

Chris Cannon - Operations

Jessica Salmon - Operations

Wanda Sutherland - Operations

Karen Wyrick - Operations

Brittany Bailey - Receptionist

Fred Manous - Field Representative

Buck McAdams - Field Representative

Loy Dunlap - Janitor

Maria TuckerJanitor

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